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Find your voice, strengthen your self-concept and become an advocate in your own life.


  Telehealth sessions    In-person sessions   Hybrid sessions

“My heart goes into everything I do professionally and personally. I think that people can change no matter their age, circumstances or beliefs. To be invited into someone’s inner world through therapy or movement, is a gift to me. It’s something I treasure and value deeply. Helping people to achieve wellness and healing is a remarkable treasure. Taking any step to get help is the most courageous and loving act you may take in your life, I am honored to do that with you." - Jen Rego
​Eating Disorders

Blended Families

Self- Care Practices


Anxiety Disorders 

​Anger Management

Couples Therapy

Meditation & Mindfulness

Therapeutic Movement/Exercise

Expressive Therapy



“There was so much going on and so many thoughts swirling around inside my head, I couldn't have sorted them all out without your help."
"I couldn't have gotten where I am without your compassion and support"
"I look forward to coming to therapy! Is that weird?"

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