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Private Counseling Services

Thank you for taking this courageous step! Whomever you are reading this, when working together I aim to help people find their voice, strengthen their self-concept and become advocates in their own lives. I love helping people see that they have the answers they seek within themselves! Sometimes it's about UN-learning something.


My approach is warm and solution-focused with a strong emphasis on compassion based care. It is my goal to create a safe space to explore deep rooted issues with a genuine non-judgmental attitude as it's imperative to get to work! We place a strong emphasis on improving communication and connection in relation to others and most of all, with the inner self. Former clients of mine who have moved on, have said they can tell that I really care deeply for their lives and needs. We use a lot of models depending on your needs and discussions with me.

Some people view therapy as a last resort, but it doesn't have to be. It could be a new beginning to something different in your life. Together, we will come up with a personalized plan in the areas you would like to address. There is not just one "right" way to grow. Absorbing what you feel is helpful. I think of therapy as a collaborative effort between whomever is involved. Therapy to me is to sing your own song maybe you have forgotten. We are all amazing beautiful people deserving of a life of balance, peace and joy.


Are you treating a client with an eating disorder and are feeling that it is out of your realm of expertise? I can help provide oversight, guidance and even counseling in the interim to support full recovery.


Are you a doctor, nurse or other provider and feel confused on the next steps? Are you an organization looking to help staff understand the challenges of a particular topic? I am able to provide high level comprehensive assessments to determine levels of care, needs and treatment options.


Sometimes it takes someone objectively involved to help support a goal, vision or plan of action. I can be there to sort that out with some, all or one of you.


Finding supportive clinical professionals to discuss challenges with clients, cases or agencies is a must in the field of mental health. Over the years I have supervised many students in graduate programs from Lesley University, Simmons College, Boston University, University of Massachusetts Boston, Boston College and many others. I also supervise other private practice therapists who are in need of compassionate and strategic supportive supervision. Let's make time to sort out your thoughts, feelings and awareness with each encounter.


Having a background in clinical supervision and related theories are essential in improving professional development and receiving both supportive and challenging feedback. As your supervisor, I work to deliver the best possible support helping you to growth into a well-trained professional. Clinical supervision hours are charged on a reasonable basis. I hope to be available to any clinician who is looking for a compassionate, warm and thoughtful supervisor.


Areas of expertise:

  • Understanding the dynamics of internship placements

  • Understanding the dynamics of the work place

  • Transference and Counter Transference

  • Career Exploration & exploration

  • Development of identity as a growing professional

  • Relational Cultural Theory

  • Attachment Theory

  • LBGTQAI+ and Mental Health

  • Private Practice ( the in's and outs)

  • Insurance issues, authorizations, 

  • Writing gender affirming surgery letters

  • School placement and IEP/504 Supports

  • Crisis Intervention & Resources


Sharing, processing and developing are one of my most passionate parts of being a mentor and leader in the field. I want to help you get where you want to go! Please fill out the contact form or e-mail me for rates and scheduling! Individual supervision is a safe place to explore client related issues and your own as well.

If you are looking for a multi-disciplinary supervision as a professional, I host them virtually and occasionally in person at the office in Worcester. Please connect with me if you are looking to expand your professional network and referral base.

Speaking Engagements

Understanding mental health can be an overwhelming process for many people who don't experience the distress.


  • Are you  a doctor, teacher, parent or loved one scratching your head on how to help?

  • Do you feel confused as to what to look for, signs, symptoms or needs?

  • Want to understand how to be supportive, effective and resourceful?

All of these are important questions. Whomever you are, it's important you have the skills, tools, signs and action plans to help those involved.

I am available upon request to offer speaking engagements to a large group, small practice, or any number of organizations to help.


Some Presentations include:

  • Group Team Building

  • Conflict & Confrontation

  • Understanding Individual Personalities

  • Maximizing Your Strengths

  • Boundaries and Family Dynamics

  • Communication and Conflict

  • Building Trust and Intimacy

  • Blending Families

  • Depression

  • LBGTQAI+ Mental Health

  • Anxiety & Mindfulness

  • Eating Disorders + Awareness

Movement Sessions
Nature walks heal everything._._._._._._

Movement Sessions are private and based in a comfortable setting of the client's choosing. Each session is planned in advance with functional movement in mind. By using a mind body approach, are able to find a deeper connection.


If there is presence of an Eating Disorder, movement recovery is Incorporated after medical clearance from a primary treating doctor. If there has been over-exercise or avoidance of exercise, we can heal all parts together. I am able to come to you and I am mobile! Please e-mail directly for any questions!

Some example settings include:

  • Nature Walks

  • Wood Hikes

  • Private Yoga/Fitness 

  • Movement Recovery

  • Shakti-Flow

 Offering: *  Telehealth sessions *   In-person sessions *  Hybrid sessions 

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