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8 Ways to Unstick Yourself and Find Motivation

Motivation is something we all harness based on what feels important to us in life. It’s the energy behind a project. At times we can have intense bouts of motivation because we have more life energy or we had a good night’s sleep. We may feel enlightened and motivated to work on something meaningful like a promotion or graduation or planning a trip. All positive motivators.

It could be, however, that we are hard on ourselves and our motivation is tied to our feelings of self-worth. We put immense pressure on ourselves to be “busy and productive” and value that state over self-care. We may feel pressure to appear “motivated” at work, often equating busy to being motivated. This can translate to extra pressure and challenges or feeling that we are not meeting even our own expectations. This is why attaching our motivation to self-worth and using it as a benchmark for how “good” we are or how much we “care” is often a tricky trap. Depression, anxiety, and even Pandemic Fatigue or burnout are only some of the many reasons why motivation may waiver.

In my recent article for Dallas Whole Life Counseling entitled, "8 Ways to Unstick Yourself and Find Motivation," I highlight way to analyze your motivation and highlight tips for finding a different pathway to getting things done.

Read the full article here.

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