Grief and the Pandemic

We all seek meaning in life, more now than ever. A significant year marker has just passed with the pandemic and an anniversary we didn’t anticipate is now here. This anniversary is a reminder to all of us that we were, a year ago, forced into a lockdown that caused our lives to come to a screeching halt. One year has passed and it is an anniversary of hard things that took many different shapes for folks.

In my recent guest article, "Grief: How to Cope and Make Meaning After a Year in Lockdown," I provide some practical steps to take to start managing your experiences and make meaning of what we have lived through so far.

Thank you for showing up everyday, when your bones are weary, tired and sad. Thank you for continuing to love the world, and each other even though life is hard and incredibly cold at times. I hope you remember how special you are, to be living, and living through this. Please let someone in to help you, you and I are one. We are not truly ever alone, just all walking each other home.

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