Growing Your Relationships

How do you express love and feel loved? Love languages are everywhere in our literature and media. We are inundated with ways to help your partner or yourself. This pandemic, whether you have a partner or not, think of ways to connect even more during this time. Our job is not to read the minds of our spouse, loved one. Instead we need to participate in an ongoing active process that identifies and honors both our love expression preference (how we show we love another) and how we want to be loved ourselves. It's communication of how we want to FEEL loved that is so important to improving intimacy in our relationships.

How do we do it?

In my recent article, "Techniques to Grow Your Relationships this Valentine’s Day," I provide some helpful tools and tips for growing your relationships.

Wishing you love towards yourself by asking for your needs, trust in receiving them and the faith to proceed in your journey in all relationships.

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