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Speaking Engagements

Business Meeting

Understanding a loved one's, yourself, or your client's particular mental health can be an overwhelming process for many people who don't experience the distress.


  • Are you a doctor, teacher, parent or loved one scratching your head on how to help, is this beyond your expertise?

  • Do you feel confused as to what to look for, signs, symptoms or needs?

  • Want to understand how to be supportive, effective and resourceful?

  • Are you trying to be supportive and need tools?

  • Do you want more information in your workplace setting?

All of these are important questions. It is important you have the skills, tools, signs and action plans to help those who are involved.

I am available upon request to offer speaking engagements to an individual, large group, small practice, or any number of organizations to help as needed upon request. 

Fees and consultation are determined at initial needs assessment.


Presentations could include:

  • Group Team Building

  • Conflict & Confrontation Management

  • Understanding Individual Personalities

  • Boundaries and Family Dynamics

  • Communication and Conflict

  • Building Trust and Intimacy

  • Blending Families

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Eating Disorders

  • Chemical Dependency

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