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LBGTQAI+ Gender Work

Are you looking to explore your gender, expression or identity?


Maybe you are having some challenges with possible transitions? It's important to have a therapeutic and special place to explore deeply rooted internalized messages from society about your gender or presentation. It's important to find out what YOU do need to be your more authentic self.

It's important to focus on the individual approach and a collaborative style to ensure all needs are cared for. Support for gender work comes with a compassionate and careful lens. This takes a lot of courage and self determination to be who you truly are and shed who are not. Whatever the case, acceptance and mindfulness are used. I do provide necessary surgery letters and other medical collaboration is included in your care, as needed per case by case.

Eating Disorders


"Nothing is impossible. Actually, the word itself means I am possible." Audrey Hepburn


It takes huge amounts of courage to explore this area and I honor you through this process. Whether you think you have disordered eating or have been diagnosed previously, I am here to help you. There is a fine balance between coping and managing with a new lens about how you see yourself. 


I like to think of this kind of treatment as turning the light in on in a dark room after years of pointing it in one corner. What else are you missing? Are you giving yourself balance? I believe our relationship is highly important and I hope to be a guide and a source of your hope until you are ready to hold hope for yourself. We place a strong emphasis on self-care.


Nothing is impossible. 

Blended Families

Dealing with changes, transitions and new family members can be a great challenge and a great learning experience. Grow together; find skills, acceptance, re-integration of new things, a family connection. Draw from experiences of being together to help create good and exciting things as a growing family unit. It can be challenging to find everyone's voice and manage the day to day. Let's find a solution together for everyone participating or just you. 


I see couples, families, kids and everything in-between. Each member can be a part of the solution and create effective change for themselves and the family as a whole. I am here for whatever feels useful.

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Anxiety Disorders


Anxiety or even life circumstances can put us at a standstill. Maybe it feels overwhelming to explain this or you are having trouble managing with your thoughts. It's normal to be anxious, it means you care! I am all about change that means something to you personally. If it's a goal you need to reach and the worry is in the way, let’s talk about it.


I am experienced in meditation, mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) which both aim to help us calm our mind, create a plan and use our skills to get through times where it feels unbearable.

I believe therapy is a two way street and I believe anything you want to change is possible, we can work together to take it apart and slow it down. Sometimes it's just paralyzing or exhausting. Finds ways to soothe yourself.

communicaiton couples.jpg


"You have given us the tools to communicate again, we haven't fought in months. Well, healthy fighting but we are communicating so much better. I never thought it would get better after all these years." -former couple


It takes a huge amount of strength to seek counseling together. Maybe one of you is hesitant, at your breaking point but doesn’t want to talk about it in front of someone else. I never judge this part. Maybe you are the one seeking help and feel lost and confused about many aspects of the relationship.


Are you hurting? Feeling alone? Feeling not heard? Lost the intimacy? I am here to help bridge the gap, enhance the communication, the bonding and connection. You can change, anyone can. It may be a stuck time, maybe even years, but change is possible. Come and learn something new, find hope and regain yourself as a unit.


Image by Patrick Buck
Adolescents 15+


Therapy can be daunting, new or confusing for an adolescent or teen. I work specifically with ages 15 + and use effective skills and relatable information to help achieve their goals. Maybe it's been challenging academically, socially, or with a major transition.


I use art therapy and current technology to help teens and adolescents get the most out of the sessions. I adapt a lot to what feels relevant to them and can be flexible with what feels important.

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Image by Sean Stratton
Movement Recovery
Do you yourself, or another loved one hear things like:

" I haven't burned enough off today" 
" I have to get back to the gym so I can do my routine, if I don't do it that same way, I don't feel good" 

"I hate going to "workout" It's such a chore"

"I have to burn off fat"

"It doesn't count, I didn't sweat"


I believe that everyone has that capacity to move their bodies in a way that feels good to them without judgment. We explore the psychology behind therapeutic practices and movements and why it is important to incorporate both for body/mind/healing. These principles focus on internally what is happening rather than externally. 


When one can focus on the internal experience, while still maintaining a connection to the external world, this will allow for a greater awareness in the mind/body connection. 

While focusing on evidenced based integrative approaches, we that address longstanding clinical and physical issues that manifest in the body. Alternative techniques will be explored to enhance the relational therapeutic connection with oneself.


This is about being mindful of the body awareness experience, not solely the act of moving. Sensations, emotions, and movements are processed before, during, and after while letting the body be the guide. I am able to hold these sessions based on comfort and prior planning of a healthy supportive environment.

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